keskiviikko 23. syyskuuta 2009

More French themed!

I got many requests about making more French themed necklaces. While making these pieces made me
miss France so much! Can't wait to go back!
 Anyway, here they are one-of-a-kind necklaces (I hate mass productions!), first come first serve.

Le moineau de Paris - necklace *SOLD*
Oxidized sterling silver chain, 16'
Sterling silver plated sparrow & circle & Paris charm, oxidized
Price: 19 EUR

Marie - necklace *SOLD*
Sterling silver heart chain, 16'
Large Swarovski crystal pearl, creme
Swarovski crystal clear round with aurora borealis coating
Swarovski crystal spacer, rhodium plated
Price: 23 EUR

L'amour - necklace *SOLD* 
( L'amour dans l'ombre de la Tour Eiffel ) 
Swarovski crystal heart, Padparadscha AB, 18mm 
Swarovski crystal pearl, white
Antiqued sterling silver plated tower charm
Sterling silver chain, 16'
Price: 22 EUR

  Toi et moi - earrings *SOLD* 
Swarovski crystal rounds & bicones in aquamarine
Sterling silver plated earhooks
Sterling silver plated birds, oxidized

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Calia Yang kirjoitti...

OH MY!!! just gorgeous!

Janelle kirjoitti...

Oh myyy! The Marie pearl necklace is so gorgeous!

PurpleRain kirjoitti...

gorgeous. I think the eiffel tower necklace will look better with a light yellow crystal.

veerra kirjoitti...

Mihin lähet?? :O:O

*~SL kirjoitti...


saintangelius kirjoitti...

I like the Marie necklace. There is something quite whimsical about it's design.

rhaindropz kirjoitti...

hi hun.. join my giveaway here


The Beautiful and Glammed kirjoitti...

what a pretty pretty necklace!!

Fab blog, we'll be back!
Come follow us at TBAG, we have a wee giveaway!

Have a lovely lazy Sunday :) xx

Think Pink kirjoitti...

I love the one with the heart:)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Kiitokset ihanista korviksista, olivat vieläkin hienommat mitä odotin ja lahjan saaja oli enemmän kuin mielissään! :)