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Now I'm announcing my 2nd giveaway! Thank you guys so much for your interest in my creations!
As I love online shopping, I get unique packages all over the world, every week, sometimes everyday! To be able to create something that doesn't exist yet, the feeling is just great!

THANK YOU ALL for visiting, reading and commenting! Your comments mean a lot to me!
So now, to show a bit of appreciation, I have a giveaway for you all!
All of these goes to one lucky winner! ( I did a little Marimekko shopping ;)
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

- AmoreVintage Elisa Necklace handmade by me ( Satin made rose, antique brass chain, Swarovski pearls )
- AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire Heart necklace, handmade by me. ( Swarovski heart pendant 14mm, antique brass chain, Swarovski bicone & pearls)
- AmoreVintage Rose Cameo Brooch handmade by me
- Marie Antoinette Queen's Pâtisserie Collection, Cherry Frosting Lip Balm .15 oz ( Natural, handmade body products by Vintage Bella Body)
- MARIMEKKO Unikko purse, made in Finland
- MARIMEKKO Strawberry Tin Case ( for pastilles etc. )
- DHC samples ( neck treatment essence, facial scrub etc...)

Open to everyone!! (Yes, I will ship worldwide)

1. You must be a follower of , - not a follower yet? Just click on the ''Follow'' button on the left sidebar panel. You don't need to have a blog to follow, a Google account is all you need. Leave a comment on this post using your blogger/google account user id.

2. Name the the necklace you like to most on my blog.

3. How did you come across my blog?

4. Mention about my Giveaway on your blog ( if you have one )

One entry per contestant.
The winner will be selected randomly.
END of contest: 13th September 2009 at 24:00 (GMT+ 02:00)

Thanks for entering!


PS. If I hit 200 followers, I will increase the number of winners!


1. Sinun täytyy olla blogini lukija ( Google-tili riittää, sinulla ei tarvitse olla blogia osallistuakseen tähän arvontaan. Jätä kommentti tähän postaukseen Google-tunnuksellasi.)

2. Nimeä kaulakoru, josta pidät eniten.

3. Miten päädyit blogilleni?

4. Mainitse arvonnastani blogillasi ( jätä tämä kohta väliin, mikäli sinulla ei ole blogia)

Voittaja valitaan satunnaisesti käyttäen
Arvonta loppuu: 13. Syyskuuta 2009 at 24:00 (GMT+ 02:00)

Kiitos osallistumisesta!
Onnea! ^^

As I promised, I will increase prizes, when I reached to 200+ readers! Here they are! I'm going to give out 2 more prizes! ( bellow )
Prize #2
Lovebirds-necklace ( brass chain & charm, Swarovski pearl creamrose)
Swiss roll -mobile strap (Polymer clay charm, Swarovskin bicones & Swarovski pearls)
Queen's Pâtisserie Collection, Marie Antoinette Lip Balm .15 oz, Cherry frosting, handmade by VintageBella

Prize #3
Swarovski Rose heart-necklace ( Swarovski 14mm heart, Swarovski pearls,brass chain)
Berry tart lip balm .25 oz tin, handmade by VintageBella

161 kommenttia:

♥akisa♥ kirjoitti...

2. My fav is your Cameo Brooch II (by the time I saw it it was sold out!!)

3. I found you through other bloggers.. can't remember which one..

4. Featured here

Hana aka acutelife kirjoitti...

2. I like your cameo necklace a lot, is that the right name -.- anyway I saw it when I first came across your blog and I really like it :)
3. I came across your blog I think via miss KT blog :)
4. Can I pls get back to you again for this as my internet is super slow n I'm using my mobile now

Thanks :)

Rosamond kirjoitti...

2. Favorite Necklace: The Swarovski Peridot

3. How did I hear about you? I came across your blog through another blogger announcing one of your older contests. ^_^


Good luck everyone!

Shanghainese Dumpling kirjoitti...

HI Amore Vinrage, your give away gifts are soo pretty :) I must enter myself...

2) my favorite is AmoreVintage Elisa Necklace
3) I found your blog from Akisa Love
4) I have mentioned about your give away here on my blog

veerra kirjoitti...

MOI =) nyt on sen verran makea palkinto, et pakko osallistua!

2) Irene-koru on lemppari :)

3) No sä kommentoit mun blogiin, et sulla on uus blogi ja pitihän mun tulla kattomaan :D

4) Mainitsen kyllä blogissa tästä. :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

2. i think has to be Lush Rose in Pink that neckace is sooo beautiful that its heartbreaking hehe i downloaded the picture of it and now its the screen saver for my cellphone! hehe you truly have an art there!!

3. i think probably off of someone elses blog i saw a picture of your update and have been inlove with this blog ever since!!!

4. i will mention this on my blog! hehe

MzAddy kirjoitti...

HI there,

Great giveaway!
I love all of your necklaces but my favorite would be the sophia necklace...very elegant and rich..

I saw ur blog from akisalove's blog.

I'll post your giveaway on my blog:

*~SL kirjoitti...

2. tällä hetkellä AmoreVintage Elisa Necklace koska toinen nimenikin on Elisa :D
3. löysin kommentin kautta
4. mainitsen

brita kirjoitti...

2. Tuo Adriana on tosi nätti! Kivat värit ja rusetti on ihana :D

3. All that glitters is not goldissa oli linkki tähän kilpailuun.

mayaari kirjoitti...

what a sweet and wonderful giveaway you're holding!

1) I'm a follower :)
2) I looooove the Kelly necklace that I bought from you, even if I have trouble wearing it to work (the strap on my messenger bag lands on top of the rose), but I love your cameo pieces as well!
3) I came across your blog from another blogger...might have been Yasumi or Fuz..
4) I mentioned your giveaway on my page here

PurpleRain kirjoitti...

2. I really like the Roselyn Bracelet, it's very vintage.
3. I found out about your blog through M Sparkless.
4. I did a post for this giveaway on my blog.

Dina (XYYan) kirjoitti...

1. I'm a new follower =)
2. I love Annie necklace, it's really beautiful and elegant too
3. I found you through
4. I blogged here

Kiki Xiong kirjoitti...

I really like the AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire.
I came across your blog from

Jenny kirjoitti...

i totally love the "take me to paris" necklace! it is ridiculously cute. and i came across your blog from mayaari. :)

Dao kirjoitti...

1. I'm a follower
2. I like the Wilhemina necklace, it's really vintage pretty.
3. You followed my blog first, and I returned the favor :)
4. I'll post about this giveaway in my Twitter page if you don't mind. I'm sick this week so I don't blog.

Thank you for the giveaway. Your necklaces are always pretty!

Emilia kirjoitti...

2. suosikkini kaikista kaulakoruistani on Felicia (ja medaljonki jonka tilasin äskettäin.. :)

3. löysin blogisi selatessani koruja huuto.netissä, ja ihastuin!

4. omaa blogia ei ole.

-jenni :)

Veera kirjoitti...

2.Cameo brooch

3. All that glitters-blogissa oli linkki =)

4. Ei ole blogia, ikävä kyllä :(

Miia kirjoitti...

2. Sanoisin Felician :)

3. Löysin linkin toisesta blogista = )

4. Ei ole omaa blogia. :/

Amy kirjoitti...

Hi! Thank you for doing the giveaway! =)

1. I'm a follower!
2. I love the Cameo Brooch II necklace.
3. I came across your blog from xmayaarix's blog.
4. Sorry, I don't have a blog...

Emily kirjoitti...

1)I follow u under the weird name "Monkichi"
2)my favorite necklace is..(this is hard there all so pretty) Lush Rose II
3)I came across your blog from the Beauty Blog Sale Driectory
4)heres the link that i mentioned about this giveaway:

(thanks for this giveaway! love all of your jewelry, u r super duper talented!)

jellyicemilkbar kirjoitti...

My favorite necklace from you is the Cynthia - Necklace. I found your blog through a link on
Sorry, at the moment I don't have a blog but if I make one before the end of this contest, I'll be sure to mention you (:

cleung341 kirjoitti...

Thank you for the give away.
1. I'm a follower.

2. The necklace that I like the most os the Swarovski peridot necklace.

3. I think I came across your blog from some one else's blog roll.

4. I do not have a blog.

Purple Strawberry ♥ kirjoitti...

Thanks for doing this giveaway Aileen!
1. I'm a follower.

2. My fave is the garnet heart necklace because it's my birthstone and the way you paired it with the pearls and brass connector remained me of vampires in Victorian times. LOL!

3. I saw your site from Fuzkittie a long while ago.

4. Here's my link =P

amynaree kirjoitti...

1.I'm a follower!

2.My favorite necklace is the garnet heart. I love the vintage feel and it reminds me of the movie Twilight.

3.I came across your blog through other blogger's pages (don't remember who)
4.Posted about your blog here

mumuji kirjoitti...

Hihi, what a great giveaway!

1) I'm a follower of course =)

2) My favourite piece I saw from your blog since I followed you was the Cynthia rose necklace. Very elegant!

3) I think you commented on one of my posts on my blog and then I checked out your blog and decided to follow you!

4) I mentioned your giveaway here


~tHiAmErE~ kirjoitti...

im a new follower~

i just stumbled upon your blog by Rosamund's blog

i posted your giveaway HERE

i love earrings & your vivian earrings look great!

May kirjoitti...

1. I'm a follower.

2. My favorite piece is the Swarovski Peridot necklace.

3. I came across your blog from Yasumi.

4. I posted your give away on my blog.


saintangelius kirjoitti...

1. Followed.

2. Oh! tough choice. I loved Lush Rose II and Artemis, the Huntress but I'll go with Artemis as the demi-goddess has special significance to me. It really is a very special piece that I have yet to see elsewhere.

3. I was browsing Akisa's blog when I came across your link. I loved classic and unique jewelry for the longest time and this was such a treat for me to find.

4. Will do ^_^

StrawberryBlush kirjoitti...

1. Thanks for doing a giveaway. I'm a follower. Love the pieces that you made, just can't afford all of them.

2. Lush Rose II was one of my favorite.

3. Drop by .. If I remember correctly


robin_titan kirjoitti...

1 Just became a follower :)
2 AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire. So pretty!
3 google
4 I posted this on right sidebar here:

Thanks so much for the freakin' amazing and lovely giveaway! :) *crosses fingers even though she knows there's no way she'd be lucky enough to win*

eki kirjoitti...

Hi Hun! I have made a post about your lovely jewels :D

my all time fav of your creation is Lush ROSE II so gorgeous and princess like :D I love it <3

I think I came across your site when I was looking at other peoples handmade blogs and I saw yours :D but couldnt understand since it was all in Finnish but now you write in english yay:D

good luck on your amazing giveaway!! <3<3

Random blog of makeup and nails kirjoitti...

You make beautiful jewelries.

1. just became a follower
2. my favorite would have to the kelly necklace-the one with the blue rose
3. may's blog
4. mentioned it on my blog.

Judy kirjoitti...

just turn into a visable follower..=) was following you privately.

have difficulty choose them(all too pretty!!) but
love this!: Annie - necklace

hmm i not sure when did i came across your blog but i think is when clicking the links of other blogs =)


Sherry kirjoitti...

love your giveaway

I am new follower :)

I like most is Amore Vintage -Cynthia Necklace :)

got to know your blog from Thiamere :)

I blogged

verina oei kirjoitti...


i already follow u first time is started my blog,in fact.u are the first blogger i have talked to !lol
i came across ur blog from someone else's following list
my fave piece??all of them !lol especially the kelly necklace,nyummmyy
posted here

gud luck with ur line !:)

Kat C. kirjoitti...

1. I followed!

2. Probably the Rose vintage locket necklace (which is sold out huhu)

3. I bloghopped and saw one blog which has a link to yours ;)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Carrie kirjoitti...

1) I'm a new follower! :)

2) Wow, it is difficult for me to choose! I love all your creations! All the necklaces such an unique and elegant locks ESPECIALLY the "Victorian Lady II" necklace.

3)I came across your blog from ekimura's blog.

h€ a r t b r€ a k€ r kirjoitti...

Hello there :):)

I like the violet garden ;D TOTALLY my kinf of necklace,i love anything rose and it looked like it traveled through time and made it here,so vintage :D :D I came across your blog through eki's blog and a few more bloggers out there like

and heres my blog post on your giveaway =)

thanks for the amazing giveaway.

take care! <3

Dana Yoshimizu kirjoitti...

oh wow, you're so generous~! ^__^ What an amazing giveaway you're holding ;D

JHM kirjoitti...

I really like your garnet necklace :D it's so pretty and unique! I came across your blog through eki's blog. i'll be sure to mention your giveaway, i'll put it on my "news" section. here's my blog:

Marice kirjoitti...


I just followed your blog :)

2. The Swarovski Peridot

3. Saw your blog linked from the other blogger


thanks much!

TZel kirjoitti...


I am a follower.

I love the Garnet Heart- Necklace!

I found you on a Google search.

CHAIGYARU kirjoitti...

Came across your blog through Ekimura's blog :)
Love your designs, they are so unique!
I love the AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire Heart necklace. It's superr gorgeous.

wnd. kirjoitti...

hey :)
I came across your blog through Vanessa (Ramblings of a Makeup and Shopping Addict)
My favourite necklace of yours is the Annie necklace.

Naka kirjoitti...

1. I followed ^^

2.Amore Vintage Swarovski Sapphire Heart necklace. I love hearts!!! It's so pretty aswell ^^

3. I came across ur blog by clicking on someone's followers :D


You rock ^^

Krib kirjoitti...

1.I'm a follower :p

2. My fav necklace is the Peridot one !

3. I discovered your blog through AmyNaree !

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

2. Name the necklace you like to most on my blog.
My fave one is the Grecian Muse necklace.

3. How did you come across my blog?
I saw your jewelry on Fuzkittie’s blog.

4. Mention about my Giveaway on your blog ( if you have one )
I posted it here:

mint kirjoitti...

am a follower.

I like the Swarovski Peridot necklace and Adriana Necklace the most from your blog.

I think I found your blog from Birkinbagbeauty's blog

blogged here:


Zoe kirjoitti...

Hi Aileen..joing ur great giveaway~

2.I actually love all ur creations* My favorite is The Capri Blue Lucite Rose because I love pearls and blue roses^^.

3.You were the one who followed me so I followed u back and discovered ur beautiful creations^^.

4.This is my entry:

Lilly G kirjoitti...

Hi! Just want to say that you have amazing talent!

Name the the necklace you like the most on my blog: Georgia II

How did you come across my blog: It was actually through the "Next Blog" button on the top left >.<

Mention about my Giveaway on your blog:

f.sarah kirjoitti...

i am new here and i follow you now!

wow! your collection just made my head spin!
i love several of your stuff
1. emerald necklace
2. aquamarine 1&2
3. amethys dream
lovely, lovely, lovely, i have no words!

i came here from another blogger whilst i was entering kym's giveaway. i am sorry i can't remember the blogger.

Iiris kirjoitti...


2. Kova taisto Take me to Paris ja Irene -kaulakorujen välillä. Kallistun ehkä kuitenkin Ireneen, aivan käsittämättömän ihana!

3. Ööh, muistaakseni Mami tai joku linkitti profiiliinsa naamakirjassa, joten sitä kautta oisko? Tai sitten jostain sun omasta linkkauksesta.

4. Lupaan mainita kun seuraavan kerran blogaan! :)

peeäs. Oot ihan mahtava kun järkkäät kaikenmaailman skaboja! Keep on with the good work! ;)

Jackie kirjoitti...

2. Grecian Muse II

3. A lot of the blogs I followed had you, so I'm not sure where I first followed your link. ^^

4. Blogged about you here:

Thank you!

Aicha Amano kirjoitti...

Hiyaaa aileen! I'm your new follower :) I saw you through a friend blogger's post

I love love love your Classic Portait Choker Cameo xD! It just is so elegant. I am a personal lover of cameos, and it's usually on a long chain. Seeing it on black satin is breathtaking! :)

I blogged about your giveaway:

nicquee kirjoitti...

Wow, your giveaways are super pretty! This is my first time to join such contest. Hopefully I win.

1. Followed you already. :)
2. Grecian Muse II is my favorite.
3. I found it through
4. blogged about you here:

Jepu kirjoitti...

Mun lemppari oli se Pariisi-aiheinen koru, jonka omaksi asti ostinkin. Ahkerassa käytössä on myös ollut.

Blogiin löysin huuto.netin kautta kun etsiskelin jotain coolia ja uniikkia korua itselleni.

Mä kyllä aika tasaisesti olen ihastunut kaikkiin näihin ihanuuksiin ja en jaksa odottaa, että keksin hyvän tekosyyn hankkia lisää kaunokaisia itseäni koristamaan<3

M kirjoitti...

hiyaaa!! I'm so excited about this hehehe

1. i'm a follower :)
2. Tie between the Greecian Muse II & your victorian lady II
3. came by from yasumi's blog
4. I'll do that !

adin_22 kirjoitti...

Nice contest u got here.....
1. I'm a follower
2. I love the Artemis, The Huntress necklace and kelly
3.I forgot but I think fron akisa...
4. posted about it here...


gracie kirjoitti...

Hi there such pretty jewelries!

1. follower
2. i love cup cake dream set necklace and oh take me to Paris!
3. I got it from thiamere
4. posted bout your giveaway

Rachel kirjoitti...

1. I am follower :)

2. The necklace I like most on your blog is.. I couldn't decide between Pearly Skies and Violet Garden. Both are so so pretty!

3. How did you come across my blog? I found you through M on

4. Mention about my Giveaway on your blog ( if you have one ) I don't have a blog, but I review products online on my sharedreviews page:, and I would definitely give you a do a shout out to your blog on anything I received that way (If I win *prays*). I may think of other ways to get more entries your way, hmm *thinks*

I plugged your giveaway as "my status update" on my profile :)
Thanks for the opportunity!

Florencia kirjoitti...

1. Follower :)
2. I love Garden Love, I have this thing for roses, and it was just so simple, yet beautiful, and it also has this kind of Regency air to it (I'm a Jane Austen geek xD)
3. Found it through Worship at the House of blues :)
4. Don't have a blog (had one but had a few problems, so I had to shut it down)

Vanessa S kirjoitti...

1.I am a new follower....
2.I like the AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire Heart necklace.....
3.I found the website thru "Contests and Such" blog newsletter...

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

VanessasSecret4 at aol dot com

rhaindropz kirjoitti...

1. Iam your 185th follower
2. I love:
(a)Amore Vintage Elisa Necklace
(b)Greecian Muse II
(c)Lush ROSE II

(can't decide loved them all)

3. I found your page via Nessa's blog

awesome giveaway..

I have already blog about your giveaway, here's the link:

love lots,

rescueta at gmail dot com

diane kirjoitti...

I have too much jewelry as it is, so I'm not entering. I did want to mention however that your handmade jewelry is very pretty. Who ever wins your give-a-way is very lucky indeed.

Nina kirjoitti...

I'm a follower!

I love the Emerald Necklace because it is my birthstone! Too bad it was already sold out.

I found about your giveaway through Nessa's blog.

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

christihippekip kirjoitti...

AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire

i like this one the most!! think your website is amazing!


christihippekip kirjoitti...

i found your website through contests and such. :)

DonDon kirjoitti...

hey aileen! i'm so glad i found your blog cos all of your pieces are absolutely stunning!

2) It was hard to choose but i love the bracelet from your cupcake dream collection. My favourite are the earrings and bracelet. They're soo adorable!

3) I think i found out about your blog through Zoe of 13 December.

4) I blogged about your giveaway here!

thanQ so much for hosting this!

L to the inh kirjoitti...

2. there are so many!! gosh :D i totally dig the irene necklace due to the heart but i think i'd rather purchase the sophia necklace, also due to the heart XD



Anonyymi kirjoitti...

love the The Swarovski Peridot!!

and found u through google search!


throuthehaze kirjoitti...

1. follower
2. I like the Felicia - necklace
3. I found you through someone's blog (I dont remember which one)

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Pobedochka kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
Pobedochka kirjoitti...

Hi,Ailleen! :)

1) Done! Following you with pleasure.

2) I came across your blog in that of Mona's. :) And now I <3 you too.
This Mona >>

3) Name just one?! Ok, I'll try. I love France, I speak French, so... my favourite would be "Take me to Paris" necklace. *ahhhw*

4) Done as well! Yey for amore-vintage!

I don't know if it'll alter your choice, but I live in Moscow, Russia and I'm a student.

Bye, dear!

Will be waiting the results anxiously!

>>> <<<

Krystia kirjoitti...

Hey Aileen, I'm following your blog and entering your contest.
-My google username is ksdkemp (at) (gmail) (dot) (com).
-I like the AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire necklace
-I found your blog through Rhain's blog.
-I posted it on my blog, here's the link

Phoebe85 kirjoitti...

1.I'm a follower!

2.My favorite necklace is the garnet heart.

3.I came across your blog through other blogger's pages (
4.Posted about your blog here

Shi kirjoitti...

1. I follow you

2. I liked the annie necklace. It's adorable

3. I found this blog when looking for handmade jewelry

4. I don't have a blog

Cynthia kirjoitti...

i followed you - hope i did it right since it was in finnish!

my fave is Wilhelmina Necklace. very cute!

found this blog via other beauty blogs (i think it was mona's?)

sorry but i don't have a blog!

Catherine kirjoitti...

1. yup
2. Wilhelmina necklace!
3. I think probably through DSK or MotoJewelry


Mei kirjoitti...

Hi, I'm so excited because I'm your 200th follower.
2. I love your Pearly Skies Necklace - simple yet classy.
3. I found your blog from fuzkittie.

chokmp at gmail dot com

Lalaine kirjoitti...

Wow! You have a great giveaway!

1.I already became your follower (Lalaine Caballero)
2. I really like the Swarovski Peridot.. it looks sooo elegant!
3. I found you through Amy's blog
4. Here's my post about your giveaway:

thanks so much..and I hope I win!! :)

Sofie kirjoitti...

Err I thought I posted here but it seems like I didn't~

Oh well ^^ I have mentioned it in my blog! And how I came across it, I think the first time through Jis blog deep winter sleep! ^^
Oh I love love the Wilhelmina necklance and the Sophia one! ^_^

Eve kirjoitti...

1) I am a follower
2) My favorite is the kelly neclace. sooo beautiful. I love it
3) I came across your blog through:
4)I blogged about your giveaway:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

1. i`m a follower
2. my favorite necklace from your blog is the "Violet Garden" necklace.
3. i was randomly browsing through blog which sells custom made jewelrys, since i was looking for something for my best friends birthday.


Elly kirjoitti...

1) Is a follower!
2) Favorite Necklace: Pearly Skies. I personally like more simpler necklaces. And this one is both simple yet elegant. I love the bird on the side.
3) Saw your blog on other blogs that I browse regularly (Cady Nation, Worship At House of Blues, etc etc)
4) I don't have a blog :X

Thank you! And I think a lot of your work is very beautiful :)

Denysia kirjoitti...

1. Am a follower!
2. Favorite necklace: Pearly Skies. It's simple and beautiful!
3. I think I found you through Fuzkittie!

STYLEEZTA kirjoitti...

I really love your jewelry! I like vintage rose pendant. GORGEOUS! I found your blog from Hello Denysia :)

I will be posting a link of your giveaway here at :

ashya kirjoitti...

Hi! :)

My fav necklace is the Cynthia Necklace. So unique and elegant.

I found your blog through Fuzkittie.

Susan kirjoitti...

Hi there! Your site is AMAZZING - I LOVE EVERYTHING ON HERE!!!

(took me ageeess to become a follower - couldn't read finnish!)

~ Anyway, I love everything, but if I had to pick, Grecian Muse (love the colour, elegance and simplicity of the design)

~ Came accross your blog from Fuzkittie while browsing :P

I don't have a blog currently in use :( sorry *sniff*

Seregi kirjoitti...

Grecian Muse II
Päädyin blogiisi rss-feedissäni olleen kilpailusyötteen avulla

Mainitsin blogisi blogissani

sirkkuli kirjoitti...

Amore Vintage Elisa Necklace

Löysin sattumalta blogisi

blushedromantic. kirjoitti...

My favorite necklace from you is the lovebird necklace above. I am fairly new to your site but the lovebird necklace really suits my taste. It's delicate and sort of vintage looking, just beautiful.
I came across your blog from Japanese Hair and Make Up's blog.
I dont have a blog.

Lisa J. kirjoitti...

I like the Take me to Paris necklace cause it's one of my dream destination and it has the Eiffel Tower! THE EIFFEL TOWER...'nuff said.

I came across your blog through Ji's introduction! She bought some cute-as jewelery from you. :)

Here's a post about your giveaway:

Rockmebaroque kirjoitti...


1. Tykkään niin monesta, että paha sanoa mutta erityisesti nuo kameekoruhenkiset ihastuttaa. Sanotaan sit vaikka että Victorian lady -necklace

2. Löysin tän blogin joskus selailemalla randomisti muiden blogin pitäjien suosikkiblogeja, sieltä siis. :)

Haluun vielä sanoa, että teet tosi kauniita koruja, just mun makuun nuo. <3

Tomi76 kirjoitti...

Kameet hienoimpia, tulin sattumalta

H kirjoitti...

1.AmoreVintage Elisa Necklace
2.Luin eräältä sivulta blogistasi.
3. Minulla ei ole blogia...

Miss.Friendz kirjoitti...

1. My favorite is your Victorian Lady necklace- it's divine!

2. I came across your blog through Yasumi's :)

3. Posted your giveaway on my blog:

rosa kirjoitti...

Wow Thanks for the chance at all your candy I follow and have linked you all up

I came across your blog through other blogger's pages (don't remember who)

I love all the jewelry with blue stones

I new followers ;-)

sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hiya ^^
I love your giveaway, its is just sooo cute!!

1. im a follower
2. my favourite is the AmoreVintage Elisa ncklace
3. I came across your blog through someone else
4. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog here -

✿Ji✿ kirjoitti...

Hello sweetheart!♥
I don't want to enter you giveaway, I let others have the chance to win, b/c I already have some beautiful jewelry from you!^^
But I mentioned it on my blog anyways!♥

I can't wait until you get my package! I hope you like it!^^

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

hello! ♥
1. New follower here (:
2. I love the take me to Paris necklace, so elegant!
3. I found your blog from reading Ji's post!
4. I don't use my blog ): sorry!

keep making beautiful jewelry!

Jenni kirjoitti...

1. uusi lukija
2. Aquamarine IV on kaunein koru
3. Päädyin toisen blogin kautta lukemaan, ja ihastuin samantien tekemiisi koruihin ja jäin koukkuun :)

Yin kirjoitti...

1. I think im already a follower. =)
2. I loved the golden ivy necklace, it was so unique and beautifully made.
3. You came to blog first for my giveaway, earlier this year =D

Foxy Frangipani kirjoitti...


I like Amethys Dream the most.

I found your blog by chance while blog-surfing.. :)

Your giveaway is mentioned here:

Thanks for having this giveaway.

Rita *Lala* kirjoitti...

1. i'm a follower
2. i really like the Roselyn Bracelet and Felicia II - necklace and some earrings like Emerald Earrings :D
3. i don't quite remember, but i found you in some blog roll and i really liked your pieces so i followed your blog too.
3. I post about your giveaway here

Aika kirjoitti...

Hi there, what a fantastic giveaway!

1. I'm a recent follower, under username Aika

2. The Swarovski Peridot is by far my favorite necklace from you. It's my birthstone!

3. I found you through Fuzkittie ^_^

4. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog here:

Good luck to all!

Aik kirjoitti...

1. I'm a follower.
2. I love the AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire Heart necklace.
3. I came here from kreattiva
4. I blogged about your giveaway here:

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

1. olen lukija :)

2. Evelyn Ribbon

3. ihan hassua että tätä kautta löysin sun blogin. internet pieni paikka on...

4. Muuten kyllä, mutta oma blogini on tarkoitettu omia muistiinpanojani varten ja se on salainen

tekisi mieli aloittaa korujen teko kun sun blogi on täynnä kauniita koruja. > w < <3

bunee kirjoitti...

1. following ! (i actually had you bookmarked on my browser even before i got my own blog !)

2. i like ALL your pieces cuz theyre so girly & elegant, but out of them all, i LOVE LOVE LOVE lush rose II & garden love .

3. i honestly dont remember .. probably one of the beauty blogs .


so i just wanted to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your pieces really are . i cant think of any other words to describe your pieces better than girly & elegant ! two of nicest adjectives put together ! keep up the amazing work girly !

Nan, ナン kirjoitti...

1. I hereby am! : D yay!

2. I absolutely ADORE the 'Fleur' necklace and the 'Felicia' necklace. They are so PRETTYYYY! -faints-

3. I saw the link on my friend's blog and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did : D

4. I hereby did that too. XD YAY!

sparklemidori kirjoitti...

1. I am a follower
2. I love many but my favorite has to be the Emerald Necklace because the color is just beautiful
3. I learned about your blog from Mel's blog
4. I posted about your giveaway on my blog. Come check it out @

Calia Yang kirjoitti...

My favorite necklace is the Evelyn Ribbon. It's so cute and darling and I can see this being worn casually and for formal wear!!!

I found your blog through Eki's blog

and you can come on over to to see my post about your giveaway!

Daituf kirjoitti...

I'm a new follower!

So after looking through your creations, I have to say that the Emerald Necklace is my favourite! It's such a gorgeous color!

I found out about your blog throw Pretty Shiny Things's blog. She posted about your giveaway.

And I have mentioned about your giveaway on my blog. Feel free to check it out!

Stephine kirjoitti...

My favorite necklace would have to be the green Mon coeur. It's adorable. And I found your site through :)

You're also on my blog :)

Egater kirjoitti...

I am a follower
I like that Mon coeur - necklace - lovely
I found your site when I looked giveaways :)

Luc kirjoitti...

1. I just became a follower
2. the necklace i like the most is the Irene. I think it's absolutely beautiful.
3. I came across your blog through fuzkittie
4. I am not a blogger.

birkinbagbeauty kirjoitti...

Hi A, I thought I already followed you (I have you in one of my bloglists) but it seems that I wasn't, but now I am.
2. I would be most interested in Elisa Necklace if I were able to win, which is probably a small chance with sooo many posters.
3. I think it was nothingbutacardboardgirl who showed me your gorgeous work.
4. I will absolutely post your contest on my blog in the Scribbles box, because such a fantastic giveaway should be seen.


Sherry kirjoitti...

I love the Fleur necklace with peach colored flower~ Very lovely. It's very simple yet elegant~ I love it!

I came across your blog through Fuzkittie's blog.

~Sherry ^_^

Heidi kirjoitti...

2. Olen niin myyty! Rakastuin koruihin Paris...Oui! ja Take me to Paris - Ranska teeman korut ovat yksilöllisiä ja niin kauniita! Jos näistä pitäisi valita number one niin kallistuisin kyllä Take me to Paris, vaikka tuo toinen onkin jotenkin ihanan romanttinen :)

3. Ystäväni kautta

4. Valitettavasti minulla ei ole blogia, mutta suosittelen ystävilleni.. :)

Eva kirjoitti...

i love the sophia necklace!!
i came across your website through other jewelry blogger sites

Jenn kirjoitti...

2. My favorite is the golden ivy~love the ivy design.

3.I think it was through birkinbagbeauty's blog

4. Here's the link:


Tammy kirjoitti...

1. Have been for a little while now :)
2. Cynthia
3. I think I saw it awhile ago off Fuzkittie's blog
4. It's been posted at

Thanks!! :)

Lilly kirjoitti...

1. I am a new follower.
2. My favorite is the Victorian Lady- Necklace. Gorgeous!!!
3. I came across your blog through
4. I don't have a blog ^^

Thanks a lot for this great giveaway!!!

Huguette E. kirjoitti...

1. I'm a new follower (Huguette E.)

2. I like the Annie necklace.

3. I don't remember how I heard about you but it was from another blog.

4. Sorry I don't have a blog

Fenii kirjoitti...

Suosikkini on ehdottomasti Golden eye -kaulakoru. Juuri tuon tapaisia käytän itse. Siroja mutta samalla näyttäviä :)

MouMoun blogin kautta löysin tänne ja nyt ollaan kuolailtu jo pidemmän aikaa näitä koruja :D

Minulla on henkkohtaneinen blogi, mutta laitan linkin tähän arvontaan jahka teen uuden postauksen :)

Fenii kirjoitti...

Mikä ihmeen Golden eye. GOLDEN IVY siis tietenkin :D Taas näitä kouluaamujen ajatuskatkoksia.

Emzi kirjoitti...

1. Follower
2. Lovebirds
3. I saw a link at MouMou and came from there.
4. I will make a post now. :)

mur kirjoitti...

Heips! Ihania koruja!!
Tykästyin suuresti Petit moineau-kaulakoruun ja tänne päädyin Moumoun blogin kautta.
Nyt et sitten minust apääse eroon, vaan väijyn jatkossakin kauniita korujasi :)

Piina kirjoitti...

-Nimeä kaulakoru, josta pidät eniten: Mon coeur on aika kaunis (ihan kun ei olisi valinnan vaikeutta :))

-Miten päädyit blogilleni? Joskus eksyin toisen blogin kautta, sen jälkeen välillä olen käynyt kauniita koruja kuolaamassa.

Heidi kirjoitti...

1. I'm a new follower.

2. I fell in love with Irene.

3. From MouMou's link.

4. I'll try to remember when I do my next post!

Dreamer Kaye kirjoitti...

1. Liityin lukijaksesi.

2. Kelly Necklace. Muun muassa... :D

3. Löysin blogiisi MouMoun kautta. Ja ihastuin upeisiin koruihisi heti!

4. Mainitsin sivuistasi blogissani. :)

PinkNote kirjoitti...

1. I'm a new follower.=)

2. I love "Annie Necklace". I so lurve pink and when i saw it, it was love at first sight... too bad it was sold already...

3. I was blog hopping actually. i dunno whose blog i came from. sorry..

4. You can check my link here:

Crossing my fingers to win!=)

Linda kirjoitti...

1. liityin lukijaksi blogilistalla:)
2. tuo felicia II kaulakoru on aivan ihana!
3. moumoun kautta päädyin :)

Precious Moments kirjoitti...

1. I am a new follower.
2. My favourite necklace - Emerald Necklace, simple and elegant just like my type.
3. I found your blog from Mona blog.
4. My link:-

Jenna kirjoitti...

Liityin lukijaksi blogilistalla

Toujours kaulakoru on suosikkini :)

Löysin blogiisi MouMou:n kautta

mirva kirjoitti...

1.Liityin lukijaksi

2. Garnet Heart- Necklace
suosikkini :)

3. Löysin blogiisi MouMou:n kautta

Niin kauniita koruja :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

1. Liityin lukijaksi blogilistalla
2. En osaa valita yhtä, vaan sanon kaikki cameo-korut!
3. MouMoun linkin kautta tulin

Helena kirjoitti...
Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.
Helena kirjoitti...

2. Paris...Oui! On ehdottomasti suosikkini, mutta erittäi hyvänä 2. on Fleur. Eihän näistä osaa valita - kaikki ovat todella kauniita!

3. Moumoun linkin kautta - ja onneksi tulin!!

ps. Korusi ovat ihania<3

annana kirjoitti...

Lempparikoruni on Petit moineau - necklace eli se ihana hopeanvärinen kyyhkyskoru!

Päädyin blogiisi MouMoun blogin kautta:)

Laitan linkin omaan blogiini!:)

pikkuhelistin kirjoitti...

Uskomattoman kauniita juttuja täällä! En osannut päättää korua, josta pidän kaikkein eniten mutta ihanimpia olivat Love Birds, Petit Moineau sekä Adriana.

Löysin blogisi linkin kautta eräästä toisesta blogista.

Shooting Stars Mag kirjoitti...

i found you via google search.

Such a fun giveaway. i'm following you now!!

And I love the Fleur - Necklace in peach. SO SO pretty.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Solja kirjoitti...

Ihastuin kaikkiin koruihin, mutta eniten tykkään Lovebirds-korusta <3
Päädyin tänne moumou:n blogista!

Minnu kirjoitti...

2.Suosikki on ehdottomasti Grecian Muse. Aivan ihana!!

3. blogiisi päädyin moumoun:n kautta.

Ja varmasti tulen seuraamaan jatkossakin!

Lumimarja kirjoitti...

Tuo Oui-koru on aivan ihana, samoin MouMoulle lahjoittamasi kaulakoru. Päädyin tänne siis MouMoun blogin kautta :)

pinkhepburn kirjoitti...

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. Not only for the giveaway but because you make really great pieces.

My favorite necklace- The Irene Necklace (my grandmother's name was Irene and the necklace reminds me of her)

How did I find you?- Through M Sparklesss' blog

You are raved about here-

Nancy Magoo kirjoitti...

Hello from Melbourne, Australia

I adore the Paris, Oui necklace and the Fleur necklace.

I came across your blog here:

Great blog, i'm now a follower.


Pistaasi kirjoitti...

2. Adriana -Necklace

3. MouMoun blogin kautta

4. Ei ole ;/

Turre kirjoitti...

Wow, girl, you are talented! :)

2. When browsing through your older posts, I fell in love with the Petit moineau necklace.

3. I was flicking across several blogs and finally ended up here via MouMou's.

4. Sorry, don't have a blog at present. :)

WishMeLuck! kirjoitti...

Swarovski Rose sydän kaulakoru ja Irene kaulakoru on kauneimmat :)

MouMoun kautta löysin tänne :)

Ihastuttava blogi!

Pauliina kirjoitti...

1. Liityin. :)

2. Pidän paljon noista cameo-koruista ja niistä suosikkini on Grecian Muse!

3. Löysin tämän joskus jonkun muotiblogin kautta jonne olit kommentoinut. :--)

4. Ilmoitan blogissani asiasta tänään, kunhan ehdin päivittää!

Sonja kirjoitti...

1. Liityin pari päivää sitten :)

2. Tuo uusi talvikokoelma on niin kaunis! Tykkäsin myös kaikista Ranska-aiheisista koruistasi.

3. Löysin tänne MouMoun blogin kautta.

4. Mainitsen tästä ehdottomasti blogissani!

Teet todella kauniita koruja, tekisi mieli saada ne kaikki :)

Shine kirjoitti...

2. en osaa sanoa vain yhtä korua, mutta tykkäsin paljon ranska-kokoelmastasi!

3. moumoun blogin kautta.

Hanna kirjoitti...

1. Liityin juuri lukijaksesi :)

2. Ranska aiheiset korut ihastuttivat, niistä ehkä eniten Toujours. ♥

3. Löysin tämän angels can fly-blogin kautta.

4. Mainittu. :)

Osaat kyllä tehdä huikean hienoja koruja!

Mamselli Hoo kirjoitti...

2. Lovebirds on suosikkini. <3

3. MouMoun blogin kautta.

4. Tietenkin mainitsen!

Muriska kirjoitti...

Hei! Upeita koruja :) osallistun arvontaan, mutta hankaluuksia tuottaa nimetä kaunein koru.. pidän kaikista joissa on swaron kristalleja :)
Löysin blogisi jonkin toisen blogin kautta, mutten nyt millään löydä enää, että minkä blogin :D
mainitsen blogissani nyt omasi :)

Annu kirjoitti...

Heippa. Kiva eksyä ensi kertaa blogiisi. Osallistun toki arvontaan.
Suosikkini on AmoreVintage Elisa Necklace
Löysin blogisi Akisa Loven kautta.

Aimee kirjoitti...

Suosikkini on varmaankin Cynthia, myös tuo uusi Laura II on aivan ihana! (ja sai minut pohdiskelemaan josko vaikka hankkisin uuden kaulakorun..)

Päädyin blogiin etään toisen blogin kautta, jonka osoitteen ehdin tosin jo kadottaa surffaillessani ja etsiessäni kivoja blogeja. :c Ihania koruja teet!

Osallistun siis arvontaan!

Aimee kirjoitti...

Ja mainitsin blogissani :---)

Archilemi kirjoitti... new at your blog and i love it
2.İ like the second one AmoreVintage Swarovski Safir
3.i found you from a turkish blog but sorry i cant remember the name
4.i tell about your giveaway on my blog

jame55 kirjoitti...

1.this is a very nice site and very beautifull jewells
2.İ like the second one: Swarovski Safir
3. I found to this in competition in Finland site "Plaza nettikilpailut"
4. Ihave own also

susan kirjoitti...

You are inspiring!!! I just found your blog, I like it because i was seeking for such type of info.
I hope it benefits all one who land up here.
Thanks for sharing!!