lauantai 29. elokuuta 2009

French themed

Finally! I'm happy to share my new ideas! The French themed are one-of-a-kind jewelry.
Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Paris...Oui! - necklace *SOLD*
Oxidized sterling silver chain, 18'
Antiqued sterling silver plated french themed charms
Swarovski crystal pearl, cream

Petit moineau - necklace *SOLD*
Sterling silver chain, 18'
Sterling silver plated sparrow & circle, oxidized

Mon coeur - necklace*SOLD*
Oxidized sterling silver chain, 16'
Sterling silver plated circle, oxidzed
Swarovski crystal heart pendant 16mm, peridot

Toujours - necklace
Sterling silver chain, 16'
Sterling silver plated circle
Vintage pearl (freshwater pearl I believe)
Price: 18 EUR
         15 EUR

keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2009


Now I'm announcing my 2nd giveaway! Thank you guys so much for your interest in my creations!
As I love online shopping, I get unique packages all over the world, every week, sometimes everyday! To be able to create something that doesn't exist yet, the feeling is just great!

THANK YOU ALL for visiting, reading and commenting! Your comments mean a lot to me!
So now, to show a bit of appreciation, I have a giveaway for you all!
All of these goes to one lucky winner! ( I did a little Marimekko shopping ;)
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

- AmoreVintage Elisa Necklace handmade by me ( Satin made rose, antique brass chain, Swarovski pearls )
- AmoreVintage Swarovski Sapphire Heart necklace, handmade by me. ( Swarovski heart pendant 14mm, antique brass chain, Swarovski bicone & pearls)
- AmoreVintage Rose Cameo Brooch handmade by me
- Marie Antoinette Queen's Pâtisserie Collection, Cherry Frosting Lip Balm .15 oz ( Natural, handmade body products by Vintage Bella Body)
- MARIMEKKO Unikko purse, made in Finland
- MARIMEKKO Strawberry Tin Case ( for pastilles etc. )
- DHC samples ( neck treatment essence, facial scrub etc...)

Open to everyone!! (Yes, I will ship worldwide)

1. You must be a follower of , - not a follower yet? Just click on the ''Follow'' button on the left sidebar panel. You don't need to have a blog to follow, a Google account is all you need. Leave a comment on this post using your blogger/google account user id.

2. Name the the necklace you like to most on my blog.

3. How did you come across my blog?

4. Mention about my Giveaway on your blog ( if you have one )

One entry per contestant.
The winner will be selected randomly.
END of contest: 13th September 2009 at 24:00 (GMT+ 02:00)

Thanks for entering!


PS. If I hit 200 followers, I will increase the number of winners!


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Kiitos osallistumisesta!
Onnea! ^^

As I promised, I will increase prizes, when I reached to 200+ readers! Here they are! I'm going to give out 2 more prizes! ( bellow )
Prize #2
Lovebirds-necklace ( brass chain & charm, Swarovski pearl creamrose)
Swiss roll -mobile strap (Polymer clay charm, Swarovskin bicones & Swarovski pearls)
Queen's Pâtisserie Collection, Marie Antoinette Lip Balm .15 oz, Cherry frosting, handmade by VintageBella

Prize #3
Swarovski Rose heart-necklace ( Swarovski 14mm heart, Swarovski pearls,brass chain)
Berry tart lip balm .25 oz tin, handmade by VintageBella

tiistai 11. elokuuta 2009

The Desk

This is my desk! :D Usually it's more messy, but I cleaned it before taking the picture :D , Anyhow, many of you may have been wondering how my desk look like and where do I blog. Well, my own notebook collapsed a moth ago, the Macbook is my sisters, so I'm using hers until I get my own. I've been using these small pink pliers for about a half year ( ever since I started beading! ), I got these yellow ones just two weeks ago.... I still love the pink ones, they're really tiny & awesome for travelling, since I love fixing my friends necklaces, hahah!
Few days ago I got a new bead case from Mika, which she bought for me from Japan, I love it!
I also have a ''packing table'', where I pack and send out my lovelies. I think I have as much packing stuffs as a wholesaler has, hahah!

torstai 6. elokuuta 2009


I just ordered a huge amout of supplies from the other side of the globe, so in couple of weeks I will be able to announce new jewelries. You're going to see new styles, colors...
But untill then I will have a clearance sale! So now it's your chance to get bargains!

Garnet Heart- Necklace*SOLD*
Swarovski heart pendant, garnet 18mm
Swarovski pearls, white
Antique brass connector
Antique brass chain & lobster clasp & extender chain
( the lenght is adjustale because of the extender chain)
Price: 17 EUR (was 22 EUR)

Tensha in Gold- earrings *SOLD*
( click on the picture to see more details;)
Large & beautiful Japanese vintage Tensha beads(12mm), made from Lucite
(adorned with intricate floral pattern and has gold accents)
Swarovski Crystal rounds with Aurora Borealis coating
Vintage brass leverback earwires
Size: approx 4 cm long

Tensha in Blue- earrings *SOLD*
( click on the picture to see more details;)
Large & beautiful Japanese vintage Tensha beads (12mm), made from Lucite
Swarovski Crystal Aquamarine rounds with Aurora Borealis coating
Vintage brass leverback earwires
Size: approx 4 cm long

Nathalie Earings *SOLD*
Sterling silver flower studs
Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystal beads
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, White, 8mm
Lenght: 27mm

Rose Cameo Brooch *SOLD*
An East West design setting
(It has a pin and a bail on the back so that your cameo can
be worn as a brooch or a pendant)
Resin made cameo 40x30mm

Sophia - Necklace * SOLD*
Gold plated & antiqued richly detailed Leafty Ivy

Swarovski crystal heart 14mm, Light Rose
Large ivory glass pearls
Antique bronze chain & lobster clasp & extender chain

sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2009

Roselyn bracelet

Roselyn Bracelet *SOLD*
Satin made rose, stitched and glued on a white lace
Antiqued brass filigran (under the rose)
Large Vintage glass beads in Ivory
Antique Brass chain & extender chain & lobster clasp
Price: 7 EUR

Aqua Love - Earrings*SOLD*
All sterling silver
Swarovski Aquamarine Crystal Aurora Borealis hearts, 10mm
Lenght: 24mm

Emerald Earrings *SOLD*
Oxidized sterling silver rose stud
Sterling silver bail ( all .925 stamped)
Swarovski Emerald green Aurora Borealis Crystal hearts, 10mm
Lenght: 26mm ( including stud)