keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2009

Swarovski Peridot- necklace

Peridot- necklace *SOLD*
Swarovski Peridot heart pendant 14mm

Ox brass floral pendant
Antique Bronze chain & lobster clasp
Price: 15 EUR
( I use to convert currency )

Golden Ivy - necklace*SOLD*
Gold Plated & antiqued richly detailed Leafty Ivy
Swarovski crystal heart 14mm, padparadscha
Antique bronze chain & lobster clasp & extender chain
Price: 16 EUR

Irene - necklace *SOLD*
Bermuda blue Swarovski heart pendant 18mm
Swarovski crystal pearls, white
Swarovski crystal spacers
Swarovski crystal bicone AB
Sterling bail & clasp & extender chain

8 kommenttia:

ning * star kirjoitti...

oh, the pearl necklace... hmm is gone.... it is really pretty <3

rae630 kirjoitti...


✿Ji✿ kirjoitti...

Awww you made new stuff!♥
I can't wait to see how you turned my butterfly in a necklace!:)
Pearl necklaces are so classy, the Irene one is so pretty!♥

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

so beautiful!

Cupcake Couture kirjoitti...

I LOVE that pearl necklace.. if you make one with a pink heart, please leave me know!! :)

Gosh I love your jewelry..

mayaari kirjoitti...

Irene is gorgeous :) and the peridot is such a pretty color!

veerra kirjoitti...

tosi nätti toi vika!

eki kirjoitti...

Hi sweets~ Irene necklace is beautiful!! everything you make is absolutely beautiful! ^0^