lauantai 18. heinäkuuta 2009

Lately, I've been busy with work, and beading lots of custom orders. Which I really enjoy doing! I regret that I haven't taken pictures of them all, because the schedule has been so tight. Anyhow, here is one of them below, hahah.

I will soon have a GIVEAWAY! The prices will consist of Finnish products & Amore Vintage pieces, my masterpieces :D hahah! Stay tuned!

A custom ordered necklace

Grecian Muse II *SOLD*
Antiqued Silver Pendant
Resin made cameo 40x30mm
Swarovski Crystal Pearl in white
Swarovski Crystal Bicone in Rose
Rhodium chain ( adjustable, see the picture)

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*~SL kirjoitti...


fuzkittie kirjoitti...

Aw pink!! :D

Torie Jayne kirjoitti...

What a lovely necklace, loving the flower x

Zoe kirjoitti...

You have the greatest creations^^

✿Ji✿ kirjoitti...

Beautiful as always!♥

Blair kirjoitti...

Oooh wow, those necklaces are gorgeous!

Dana Yoshimizu kirjoitti...

That brooch is really cute! ^__^ Hun your jewelry is really nice, I do plan on buying something from you sometime soon <3

stellarvixen kirjoitti...

what a talent and skilled jewelmaker cum designer hehe
your work is amazing! good luck in your sales~~

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