keskiviikko 27. toukokuuta 2009

Lush Rose II

Lush Rose II *SOLD*
I used: Silver plated Chain
Silver plated flower toggle
Surgical Steel filigran (under the rose cabochoon)
Carved Lucite Rose
Swarovski Crystal pearls, rosaline
Czech firepolished glass beads
Price: 31 €

Annie - necklace *SOLD*
Antique bronze chain & lobster clasp
Victorian ox brass connector
Swarovski Crystal Heart pendant , violet 14mm
Swarovski Crystal pearls 3x 6mm
Swarovski Crystal bicone beads, amethyst 4x 4mm
Czech firepolished glass beads 2x 8mm
The necklace comes with a pair of matching earrings!
Price: 25€

Garden Love - *SOLD*
Antique bronze chain & lobster clasp
Antique bronze filigran, width: 25mm
Handmade rose from polymer clay, width: 10mm
Swarovski Crystal Pearls in white , size: 8mm
The lenght of the necklace is approx 26cm
Price: 15 EUR

I have only two Garden Love-necklaces available, one in white(pearls) as shown above, and one in rosaline (pearls) shown bellow.

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aquaracer kirjoitti...

oh, wow!!! these are so gorgeous!! ah, u never fail to amaze me! you're gonna make me go broke! LOL

✿Ji✿ kirjoitti...

Beauuuutiful new creations, I love them all!♥

Zwala kirjoitti...

where did u learn Jewelry-Making..?
I must say..Creativity stands out, apart from learning..u r really making wonders..!! :)

fuzkittie kirjoitti...

Omg soo pretty!! :D

AbcGrrrL kirjoitti...

Wow, your pieces are so pretty yet classy. I'm just trying to figure out a time I'd be "classy" :)

M kirjoitti...

omg i'm so feeling the first one. its so vintage gorgeous!!

Cupcake Couture kirjoitti...

Ohhh these are adorable, you're going to hurt the bank girlie! haha

Cupcake Couture kirjoitti...

Hey hun, I tagged you in my blog, check it out!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

aileeen miks et vastaaa mun viestiiin ??? :( mita sulle kuuluuu? t.z

*~SL kirjoitti...

Sinut on haastettu koruhaasteeseen

E kirjoitti...

Ihania koruja!:-) Sulla on kiva blogi!

mayaari kirjoitti...

they're all so pretty :) I owe you a blog post since I got the necklace you sent over the weekend :) thank you so much!

Audrie kirjoitti...

!!! Sooo gorgeous and vintage chic!

" KT " kirjoitti...

Wow!! How absolutely STUNNING!!!
and soooo romantic!!!

You have gorgeous pieces!
I'll be sure to add you to my blog roll!!

Pop Champagne kirjoitti...

holy you make such pretty necklaces!!

Janelle kirjoitti...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment & for following my blog!

Wow you make such beautiful jewelry! I looove the antique/vintage look. I will have to order from you one day. ;D

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hey hun!!!

Thanks for the sweet sweet comment. Your blog is rocking, i WILL buy an piece from you sooner or later. Everything is so gorgeous.

Whit kirjoitti...

omg i am obsessed with Lush Rose II- wish I could afford it- I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

paperdollrevenge kirjoitti...

Very very pretty!

hehe I'm still getting used to my L'egere...some days I really like it and other times I'm not so sure. I hope you'll like yours though! And do get the HK chewy candies, they're so good! I can eat a bag just like that! *snaps fingers* =P

annana kirjoitti...

Jos sinulla olisi myynnissä tuota Lush Rose II -korua vielä, niin olisin kiinnostunut!