keskiviikko 22. huhtikuuta 2009

Remember to check my contest!

Swiss roll charms, they're not quite ready yet. I'm waiting for more Swarovski Crystals to arrive, so I can complete them.

These lovely cameos arrived this morning! I havent got my chains yet, so I'm helpless....desprately waiting here ....

From the local store, I found really really nice flower theme selfadhesive foil-----> ta daaa!! lovely boxes isn't?

Almost selfmade:D , now I could wrap anything with my 5m foil! Notice the stitched black pad! stitched by my fingers, hahhah!

Blog contest - Arvonta!

from 22nd April- 4th May

Since this beading hobby is 3 month old, and because I had so much fun, I would like to have a blog contest and share my love of this hobby with YOU !

Panda Smoothie Chocolate with Strawberry fill-in

Chocolate Cupcake Mobile Strap

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm (delicious;)

Vintage Brooch

Just leave me a comment to this post, and you will be a part of this contest. I appreciate it if you ''follow'' my blog too!

I'll be picking out the winner randomly and announcing them on 4th May

(Please, add your email/blog address so I can contact you!)

Hahhah, I'm excited! And YES , I ship internationally!^^

Good Luck!

In Finnish:

Blogi arvonta


Koska harrastukseni täyttää nyt kolmisen kuukautta, ajattelin jakaa iloni kanssanne:D.

Osallistuakseen arvontaan, jätä kommentti (ja liity lukijaksi mikäli mahdollista) ja olet mukana arvonnassa!

Anonyymit huom! Jätäthän sähköpostiosoitteesi ''kommenttiboxiin'', jotta voin ottaa yhteyttä sinuun, mikä arvonta osuu kohdallesi.

Julkaisen voittajan 4.5. bloggissani

Good Luck!

perjantai 17. huhtikuuta 2009

Cupcake Dream Set- Reserved

This set is made for Kristine. Just love it!

Wow, I was thinking of taking a break and concentrate on the other things for few weeks, because I have so much work...but guess what! I couldn't resist of beading since there were many lovely ladies around the world who mailed me for purchasing my jewels! thank you sooo much for the support! I'd love to share my creations! More creations are on the way!

Some of these were ready to ship....As you can see, I packed my jewels into gift boxes, but to offer the lowest prices, possible sale items won't be packed in a regular gift boxes, I'll wrap them in a tissue paper or an organza bag.